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A mediaor remains impartial

Why mediation?

If the conflict can be resolved using mediation, then you will avoid costly and drawn out court proceedings. 

By its very nature, litigation is confrontational.  It can inflame a situation in which emotions are already running high and leave those involved feeling bitter and powerless.  Encouraged to take a “hard stand” by friends and relatives, individuals can become ever more polarised.  Parents who engage in contested court proceedings about their children are likely to find that they can never co-operate again.  Unless a compromise is reached during the court proceedings, litigation will only end when a Judge makes a decision for you. 

This will not necessarily be an outcome either person wants.  It can take up to a year to reach this stage of the process, and the damage to the family can be irreparable.

Negativity towards each other can impact on children and other family members caught up in the hostilities causing lasting problems for different generations.  I will help the two of you manage conflict so that it doesn’t destroy individual and familial relationships.  You will be able to provide your children with an excellent example and also find co-parenting easier in the future too.

Mediation will provide you both with a safe and confidential environment to find solutions to which each of you can commit.

Mediation is generally quicker and cheaper than litigation enabling savings to be preserved for the benefit of the family.  It can also ease the emotional burden; removing the uncertainty of a Judge’s decision by placing decision making back into the hands of those engaged in mediation.  

"Sandra was highly professional throughout with an action focused style which was encouraging and produced results."

Mediation is voluntaryMediation is voluntary

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