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Mediation is voluntary

Mediation is a voluntary process ...

... and therefore requires the consent of both of you before it can take place.  Once consent has been given, you will both meet together with the mediator.  By using a process of effective communication, the mediator will help to identify the issues before exploring ways of resolving these and enabling you both to make mutually acceptable decisions about the future.

Decisions are made taking into account the needs of both of you and also those of your children. Either of you and mediator can withdraw if negotiations take place in bad faith or if mediation becomes unsuitable for another reason.

"The mediation process was tailored to us and the issues we wanted to agree on. I would definitely recommend mediation to find a fair solution for both parties."

Mediation is voluntaryMediation is voluntary

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ConfidentialMediation is confidential

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ImpartialA mediator is impartial

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DecisionsDecisions are made by you

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