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"I would like to pass on my appreciation to Sandra for making my mediation sessions with my ex-husband bearable and productive. Our circumstances were unusual as we hadn’t seen each other for 17 years but Sandra was professional, kind and understanding. Because of Sandra’s background in law she was able to advise and clarify issues that were unclear to both parties and because of her mediation skills we were able to come to an agreement in only 2 sessions. I will always be in debited to Sandra for helping us avoid expensive court costs. If anyone is thinking of trying mediation I would advise them to do it and I would 100% recommend Sandra." 



I found mediation to be completely fair and equal to both parties. I felt comfortable and confident in the meetings, and not intimidated at all.  The process was calm and much less stressful than I thought it would be. 

The process of separating was frightening, but legal issues and formal processes were explained and simplified so I could understand.

Between meetings I had time to reflect and I could re-address issues at the next meeting if I wanted to. 

Following the breakdown of my marriage, I felt myself and ex-partner could not communicate effectively about issues that needed to be agreed. Mediation gave us a neutral and professional platform to find conclusions. It helped me to see things from my ex partners point of view and allowed us both to compromise.

Mediation helped us to reach the best possible outcome for our children's futures and wellbeing.

The mediation process was tailored to us and the issues we wanted to agree on. 

I would definitely recommend mediation to find a fair solution for both parties. 



Mediation kept us focused on the discussions we needed to have.  Having a third party present who was impartial helped our communication and we really listened to each other’s point of view. 

Sandra was highly professional throughout with an action focused style which was encouraging and produced results.  Although mediation is not a cheap process, it was much cheaper than the alternative of litigation and provided a sense of control over the outcome.

I would recommend mediation to others for many reasons not least because it enables discussions to be had about highly difficult issues as two adults/parents and to agree solutions that work on both sides.



I found mediation very useful and think it would have been impossible for us to proceed without you.  

You were extremely fair and enabled us to broach challenging subjects that would have been almost impossible for us to resolve alone between the two of us.  Having someone impartial with expert knowledge of the law was invaluable.  We could never have afforded litigation so that wasn’t an option for us.  

The documentation prepared alongside mediation gave me the confidence to be able to query certain areas if I feel I need to in the future.

The clear guidelines you gave us to follow have ensured there is no confusion between us.


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