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There is a wealth of information on the internet and it can be difficult as well as confusing to know where to start looking and reading.  Below is a list of some websites you may find helpful.  Some of these have their own downloadable material and online calculators.  For example, you can download a parenting plan and guides for children from the Cafcass website.  You can complete online calculators relating to child maintenance and request information concerning your state pension entitlement on the government and child options websites.


Relationship support and counselling

Welfare benefits, debt and calculating your state pension

Children  - practical guidance and child maintenance

Legal advice

"You were extremely fair and enabled us to broach challenging subjects that would have been almost impossible for us to resolve alone between the two of us.  Having someone impartial with expert knowledge of the law was invaluable."

Mediation is voluntaryMediation is voluntary

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ConfidentialMediation is confidential

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ImpartialA mediator is impartial

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DecisionsDecisions are made by you

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