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You’ll find many different websites with information about divorce and separation.  It can be difficult and confusing to know where to start.

Below is a list of some websites with reliable information.

Many of these websites have their own downloadable material and online calculators.  For example, you can download a parenting plan and guides for children from the Cafcass website.  You can complete online calculators relating to child maintenance and request information concerning your state pension entitlement on the government and child options websites.

I have good links with financial advisors, family lawyers, pension experts, accountants, therapists and life coaches and I can signpost you to these other professionals if required.

About Mediation

Relationship support and counselling

Welfare benefits, debt and calculating your state pension

Children  - practical guidance and child maintenance

Legal advice

 I offer all MIAMs online as well as substantive mediation sessions in appropriate  cases.

As your mediator, my aim is to help you both negotiate constructively by providing tools and information so you can make mutually acceptable decisions about arrangements for the future in a calm and informed way.

Your mediation questions answered

"I found mediation very useful and think it would have been impossible for us to proceed without you.  

You were extremely fair and enabled us to broach challenging subjects that would have been almost impossible for us to resolve alone between the two of us.  Having someone impartial with expert knowledge of the law was invaluable.  We could never have afforded litigation so that wasn’t an option for us.  

The documentation prepared alongside mediation gave me the confidence to be able to query certain areas if I feel I need to in the future.

The clear guidelines you gave us to follow have ensured there is no confusion between us." Anon

    Collaborative Family Lawyer Mediator Resolution Member


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